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I make all sorts of panties for your pleasure!

~Panties with zippers- Zipper panties add $8 more to your order for this modification

~Panties with openings (plug -rear opening) in the front or back or both!

~Sheer see thru Panties

~Panties Ruffled with lace, Ribbons and bows

~REAR and Front zipper Panties~

~Crotchless~Ruffles~String~Diaper Panties~Handmade~PVC~Plastic

~Rhumba~ Pin Up Girl Panties~ Old Fashioned~ Fetish

~ Bondage Panties

~Locking Panties- No locks will be furnished by me due to added weight and increased shipping fees.

~Sleeve Panties- open ended or closed sleeve panties- add $9.00 more to your order for a double layer/single layer sleeve modification. Thanks! Linda

~Punishment panties - Irritating Harsh type of fabric sewn in the crotch

Double layer Panties- add $20 more if you desire panties that are double layered. Email me with questions.

Just send me your size and style information!

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    Here are Some of my Prettiest Panties

View my sample panties, decide what you want and email me, it is just that simple!





Blue Double Layer Satin Ruffled Butt

Satin on the outside, nylon on the inside

Lace across the back, around the legs and waist. Pretty Ribbon bow.




            3.Gingham ruffled butt panties





Red Taffeta curved Front for Panties 4 Men    $42.00 a pair  





6. Pink Satin -  curved front pouch panties 4 Men $42.00


      6.1 Blue Satin curved Front pouch panties 4 Men     $42.00

6.2 Light Baby Pink gingham Diaper cover panties- gingham $45.00



Pink Nylon String style with several rows of lace stitched to the backside- String style ruffled butt panties - $39




Double Layer Pink satin - Pink nylon inside -$49.99










Light Blue double Diaper cover panties  -Light Blue cotton double layered $59.99






wide ruffles- panties 13.1.

Pink wide ruffled legs  String Style panties- This style has  exposed elastic on each side. If you desire a full brief style, email me. Fabric is shiny nylon tricot. Regular satin or stretch satin can be ordered in this style.

 Color may vary depending on availability.


Includes Wide ruffles around the legs

Sleeve option available for $9.00 more

Rear Seam option- add $4 more

email me with your size details







~Satin, Nylon Taffeta, Cotton, PVC, handmade ruffles, lots of fun panties~


              Double layer sissy bra/s - $27.00 


14 -Royal Blue Satin sissy Bra      


Color Selection



          15  - light pink nylon full brief style with lace across the back and around the legs   


15- Little pink ruffled butt Nylon panties for a sweet sissy boy $42.00 (single layer nylon)


REAR~~Zipper Panties that have  a double layered sleeve and a TUTU ruffle





TUTU Rear Zipper with a Double layer sleeve email me with your size (waist/hips/sleeve length)






 ~Panties for MEN~

 Panties16- Red black crotchless Panties

  16 -

~Red and Black Crotchless Panties  - Sheer front with opening that extends to the back. The opening is approximately 8" long, runs thru the crotch to the back side. You may also request that the back of these pretty panties be solid with no opening in the back. Email me with your special request.

RED/Black Crotchless panties- $25.00 

Shipping within the USA and Canada $6.00


~Just email me today and Your Dreamy Panties will soon be at your door~


17 TUTU Dance Panties - wide ruffle around the waist

TUTU Panties as pictured $37.00




~18-Pretty Pink Nylon with lots of ruffles~



19. Red ruffled Taffeta

RED taffeta ruffles over a black satin panty- $59.99

20. Solid red taffeta over a solid Red taffeta panty - $59.99





~Luscious  Double Layer Sheer  Pink Nylon with handmade ruffles~


TUTU Style Panties

Pink and white hi cut style high cut legs- $28




26-Ballerina Panties- pretty ruffles - $69.99



Ballerina Panties


Lavender Skirted Panties - other colors available, just request a different color.

Chiffon/w nylon or satin

Skirted panties- chiffon over skirt $44.99


Color Selection




Lavender skirted Panties $44.99


28 Pink ruffled butt


Pink Nylon ruffled silky Panties



28  - Pink ruffled butt


  Peachy color is sold out- Ask about another color in this style.

29 - Peach wide Lace Leg ruffles



Peach sissy Boy Panties

29- Peach Frilly

30 -Pink extreme ruffles

Add $9 more to your order if you desire a sleeve

Extreme ruffled Panties


31-  Black ruffled Chiffon

Black chiffon ruffled Panties

31 - Black ruffled chiffon Front view

Add $9 more to your order if you desire a sleeve- also include measurements for the sleeve(length)


32- Silver Metallic ruffle Rear Seam Panties $32

32 silver Metallic Panties $32

33- Blue/green nylon Panties

Aqua blue-ish Green Nylon Ruffled Bikini style Panties

34- Hot Pink ruffled rear Seam $32 (colors may vary in metallics)

~Hot Pink Panties~

String bikini style


Hot Pink front view



Holograph Panties

string bikini style


36- Vanity Fair floral Nylon string style

Floral Vanity Fair String bikini Panties




37 - Blue satin ruffled legs - $55

~Blue Satin Panties, full brief style~


Rear Seam blue Satin back view


Mint green string bikini Panties $39 - lace will be different


mint Green Front view


39 - Brazil back Hot Pink metal Panties Metallic panties $32.00




39 - Metal Front View



Neon Nylon ruffled Panties $32.00


Pink Pouch front, thong style metallic $32


42- Rear seam metallic panties


~Pink shiny Metal Panties~


Baby Pink Lace wraps to the front and across the back Panties $45

43 -front view little girl style Baby Pink $45



Pink with satin ribbon ruffles- $35

 This is a bikini style panty with exposed elastic on each side. Rear Seam, pretty pink bow for the back.


Sissy Bra


  Pink satin bra - Double layered satin $28.00

Note: I make these sissy starter ruffled bra's in many colors. Just ask.


Pink Satin ruffled Sissy Bra




Pink satin Sissy Bra with narrow lace trim



low rise

String Style pink satin ruffle


48 -Butt hugging Rear Seam- $32.00


~Butt hugging style - Pink Satin Show off panties~



String Style is shown in this image- meaning: there is visible elastic on both sides . If you desire a full brief style, just ask me. adding a double layer sleeve is $9 more for this panty.




Lavender rear seam panties $32


Lavender front view


Heavy ruffled Pink Metallic $35 metallic fabric may vary. I do my best to obtain a similar color for you.



pink metallic Front view




Sexy black Ruffles sheer

Note: To request any changes to any of my panties, email me. A special modification charge may apply to add sleeves, rear openings, rear seam, more bow work, just to mention a few of the changes that might interest your preferences. Thanks, Linda




52- Black sheer with ruffles across the back, center bow - ruffled legs- $59



Black Sheer see thru

2 rows of ruffles across the back and around the legs




Lavender Nylon full brief style lace down the front $49


54- pink satin bloomers $55

Pink satin old fashioned crotch, sheer pink lace around the legs




Pink Bloomers - to add a sleeve to these add $9.00 more to your order.



Bloomer Style Pink

Rear Seam





Pink Full circle Fairy skirted Panties

~Fairy Skirted Panties~



Eyelet Panties
Pink eyelet panties-

Pink eyelet panties in either cotton or nylon

bikini style


Pink eyelet panties



~Dripping in Lace Panties~

58- pink heavily ruffled lace panties


- 59 Green satin panties



lime green Satin nylon tricot Panties - waist fits 30-48" Very nice satin tricot- re made and ready to ship today

Slippery and smooth

Pretty color




Adult one piece Rompers

Romper 1- This fabric color (pink floral) is sold out.

Order a solid color or email me with a floral request


Color Selection


Romper 2



Pink Ruffled gingham romper

Romper 3 -Pink ruffled gingham Romper

Color Selection
Pink gingham Romper - $79.99


Pink ruffled slip Dress

all in one slip

Slip Dress


Slip Dress 1

slip dress 1


  Slip Dress- $179.00

Pink All in one slip dress


Holiday bonnet



Bonnet 1

Color Selection
Bonnets- $39.99

Ruffled sissy Fun to Wear Bonnet

Lavender organza ruffles

Holiday bonnet 1


More rompers...


Black Maid's romper


Color Selection
Black Satin romper- $159.99

Maid's Satin romper and Apron

Maid's Romper 01



Teal Satin romper

Teal romper


Teal romper 02




Blue romper 03



Blue romper 03

Rear Seam Black lace trim





Ruffled Pink  Super Fancy Slip Dress


Color Selection

Fancy Slip Dress 100


Fancy Slip dress 100

100 fancy slip Dress

~Bib Front on the ruffled Slip Dress~


Pink Romper

one piece

3/4 sleeves

Romper 04


Pink Satin romper -

Pink All in one Piece romper

Zipper Back

Easy to put on and take off!

Romper 04

Pink all in one





    I make many designs in panties, Dresses, rompers and slips using different fabrics, trims, etc.

 Email me with your ideas, descriptions and sizing details and I will provide pricing information for you!

Special note:

If you desire extra changes made to any of these panties such as:

 more bows, a sleeve, a rear seam, a rear opening, etc.

A special charge will apply for these types of modifications. You will receive an email from me outlining any additional fees or charges for specialized individual changes. For example to add a double layer sleeve to any pair of my panties, add $9 more to your payment. Thanks, Linda


                                           Immediate shipping

~Panties Prices range from $35- and upward~

~I can make your Dream panties~


~plastic lined~Stuffed~padded~Double Layered~Rhumba~

~You describe your fantasy panties and I will make them for you~

Send me your measurements with your payment.

Pay Pal preferred but I do accept money orders!

I can only ship to the registered address that you have on file with Pay Pal. No exceptions. If you need your package shipped to an alternate address, you will need to send me a money order along with the shipping details. Pay Pal does not permit me to ship to an address that is different from the one that is printed on your Pay Pal notification of payment to me. (Seller protection rules/policy that Pay Pal has defined)

All major Credit Cards can be used when you pay using your Pay Pal account.

I am not a merchant. This is my hobby. I do not have a physical Credit card machine nor can I accept payments using your credit card number. Set up your own Pay Pal account, it is free to the buyer.

E-checks from your Checking Account Accepted thru Pay Pal (shipped to you after your E-check clears my account)

No returns

Email me:

Email ME FOR OTHER Payment options

Emails answered promptly!




Sissy Panties for Everyday wear!


Discreet and Prompt Shipping to your door

Panties are handmade

Thank you so much for stopping and shopping with me!


     International shipping varies. It is determined based on weight and destination.

I ship to international countries using Express Mail. The exact fees will be determined based on your individual order. I am not responsible for any import or custom fees which may be charged to you by the receiving country. I have no control over import or duty fees. If customs charges any additional fees, They are the sole responsibility to the buyer. As information, Express Mail is very expensive ranging in price from $35-$75 per package based on destination and weight.

I also have no control over the shipping delivery times for International parcels.

 I am currently re-thinking the whole International shipping options that are available. Frankly, I am also considering no more shipping to International Destinations might be best for my sewing hobby. I pride my self in shipping on time to my clients/friends and since I have absolutely no control over packages and very little, if any, tracking for International packages.

My position is and has always been to deliver my goods on time every time with a seamless transaction for the buyer.

 International shipping continues to be a big hassle and takes a lot of time, money and energy that I highly value.

 I should be reaching a decision soon about my involvement in future international sales.

 If you have done business with me in the past and you reside in an international location, I highly thank you and certainly, I want to continue my relationship with you. If you have questions, email me about International shipping situations as I am leaning toward ending International shipping as it pertains to my sewing hobby. posted message:04-2012 Founder/web master- Missy Key

                                                                                                                                                                       Email me at





Strawberry Shortcake Panties - Punishment style

Punishment style panties made to order- Any color~Any size

No returns are accepted on intimate apparel such as panties, bra/s and slips.

all sales considered final.

Email me with any Questions


~Pay Pal~

All major Credit Cards accepted thru Pay Pal

Money Orders (Free shipping for panties when you pay me using a US postal money order)




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