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Handmade Panties for Men


Assorted Panty styles include

Many styles to choose from:

Heavy Ruffled butt Panties

Sleeve Panties

TUTU Panties

Sheer see thru Panties

Ruffled Rhumba Style Panties

Skirted Panties

Satin sissy Panties

Double Layered Panties

Fun sissy Panties

Punishment Panties (crotch is covered in a prickly harsh netting, designed for discomfort)


I have made hundreds, maybe thousands of different pretty sissy panties. I can't possibly display all of them on my web site, but here is a sampling:

Search other pages on my site for additional pictures.

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Extra Pretty! Panties from MissyKey.com


Pink Satin TUTU

 Item number pink  satin 3.2011





$46.00 a pair - order pink from this link


Blue Satin ruffled Panties

Item-Blue Satin p-4 2011

$46.00 for either pink or blue color



Blue Satin ruffled Panties -$46.00 p-4-2011


Color Choices
Size Details


Pretty Pink- ruffle around the waist- pretty pink satin Bows!

Item number: Sheer Ruffled Waist and legs- p5.2011

Full Circle Sheer skirt with attached panties

Pink gingham- Eyelet ruffles $49.99

01-31-2012 pink gingham with white ruffles

P gingham 1-31-2012


Hot Pink Satin ruffle with white nylon Panty TUTU p-1101.2011 Price-$34.00

Item Number: Zipper Panty 18-2011 Zipper

Rear Zipper Panties- Zipper panties with tutu skirt- $39.00


TuTU Zipper Panty
Size Details

Front view of the Zipper Panties - Front has a sleeve

Cute TUTU ruffle around the waist!


p 21- 2011 **** Hot pink metal full Brief style

$32 a pair- metallic

Deep Pink Metal Panties

Item number: p- 31- 2011  ****-pink nylon/white eyelet

Pink eyelet panties with white lace

Ruffled across the back side - perfect for a little baby girl to wear with her dresses

Item number White Eyelet -p.32-2011- ruffled across the back, around the waist and legs.



Pink nylon tricot

p - 34 2011 --**pink eyelet-pink nylon

Pink eyelet with pink nylon panties - pink nylon eyelet- $46.00

Pretty Bows

Eyelet- Little girl style - ruffled Pink Eyelet across the back

$46.00 a pair

p - 25-2011 ***Black chiffon black satin panty with an attached skirt

Skirted panties $46

Black sheer Chiffon Skirted panties

Panties are Black Slippery smooth Satin

Item Number: p 26-2011 *****Blue ruffled string style

Ruffled across the back - $35

Aqua blue string ruffled butt Panties

Pretty Bows

Light blue color


Assorted other Panties:

Prices for these pretty panties vary based on size, style, fabric etc. just email me for a pricing details.

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Assorted panties - Row 1


Black sheer sleeve panty                                    gold satin panty               Black/ruffled legs                                  

Assorted Panties row 2


Row2- pink satin ruffled across the back with big bow                 sheer pink panties with attached skirt

Powder blue sleeve Panties - blue Satin ruffled with a Sleeve

Very Pretty !! Powder blue ruffled sleeve $65.00

Powder Blue Satin Sleeve Panties - $65.00 Item number: Blue Ruffled Sleeve p-11-2011

Blue Satin sleeve Panty


Color Selection
Size Details

Assorted Panties row 3


Row 3 -Black sheer sleeve                                                              light pink with sleeve

Assorted Panties row 4


 Row 4-light pink with sleeve                                               bright pink satin nylon tricot with ruffles across the back/and around legs

Assorted Panties row 5


Row5 light pink sheer/with sleeve and ruffles around legs                 Row5- medium pink with ruffles around the legs/bows

Note: The only colors I can obtain in the nylon sheer fabrics is white, light pink, light blue, dark blue, off white, black, red, and lavender. I am sorry but some of these colors shown in my model pictures are no longer available. I can make these in satins in practically any color offered on the fabric markets today. Email me with any specific question that you might have.

Assorted Panties Row 6



Row 6 - white panty with pink sheer tutu ruffle

Assorted Panties Row 7


Row 7- White Satin ruffles over a pink satin panty

2 rows of white satin ruffles that go all the way around the entire panty


P row 7 white ruffles 2 bows for the back



Assorted Panties Row 8


Row8- medium pink sheer with sleeve                                 Row 8 - Royal blue Satin with white satin ruffles around the legs

Assorted Panties Row 9


Row 9 - Royal Blue satin with peep hole for the back side

Assorted Panties Row 10


Row 10 - Black sheer with polka dot ruffles                         Row 10 - Medium blue sheer TUTU panties

Assorted Panties Row 11


Row 11- White panty with sleeve/ and tutu attached skirt         Row 11- Pink sheer/wide ruffles around the legs and big bows

Assorted Panties Row 12


Row 12- pink sheer with sleeve and ruffles around the legs


Note: I can only get the sheer nylon in the following colors: pink, white,light blue, black, and red.  I can get other colors in chiffon.

Chiffon fabric has no stretch. 06-25-2012



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When contacting me use the panty id code or Row number by the picture (example: P 1 2010, row 3 - picture 3..etc..) in your email to ensure that I understand your question.

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